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I don’t know, some people have read things I’ve written and texted me things like “okay, FEELINGS,” so if that is your jam, you might like this. If you ever once ate most of your meals in bed because you didn’t have a real table, this is for you. If you now have a table with chairs, and also a couch, and also bountiful floor space upon which to sit and eat your meals but you still continue to eat most of them in bed out of habit or, I don’t know, comfort, this is definitely for you. We’re just trying our best here. And sometimes our best is saying fuck it to the increasingly dismal media publishing landscape and just writing the things we want to write (self-indulgent as some of them may be) and setting them free into the internet void anyway.

That’s all a long way to say: You should subscribe if you are a fan of feeling feelings, miss ‘zines and blogs, like music writing that is more personal than technical, and, I don’t know, want to support independent writing and/or me, your friend. You can read everything on this website, or over on tumblr (still!) or read all my real legit clips on my real legit site. But if you subscribe, you won’t miss a thing, since I’ll show up in your inbox kinda like this.

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I don’t know, I’m just another millennial in media watching the few remaining websites pivot themselves into oblivion, already practically working for free so why not work for free, but for myself? And then inject that free work straight into your veins?

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Yus, over on tinyletter. This is literally the same thing, just being sent from a different middleman.

Did you pivot to substack because you can make cash money?

More like it’s just where everyone else was doing their newsletters on substack so I was like “uh, guess I should switch?” but that’s a bonus! Listen, I have no illusions about actually making any money from this but also I’m not stupid and going to hold myself back from not making money. For now, this is free. But, like, I’m always down for tips to go towards, I don’t know, a (self-medicating) glass of wine? Or maybe share with your friends because I love an audience. I don’t know. The world is going to be a charred apocalyptic hellscape in like ~12 years so really what does it matter!!!

okay thanks sorry love u bye