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Look, I don’t know. Some people have read things I’ve written and texted me things like “okay, FEELINGS” but also sometimes just “carrie what the fuck.” So if that sort of non-specific idea of what kind of content I’m serving sounds good to you, you might like this. If you’ve ever read my writing somewhere else — somewhere “legitimate” even as the media publishing landscape grows increasingly dismal — and thought “oh I’d read the thoughts she wanted to write, however self-indulgent or random as some as them may be—even the ones about Reds that quite literally no one asked for—that she had the freedom to write for herself” (no one has ever said this, I’m sure) then this is for you.

That’s all a long way to say: You should subscribe if you are a fan of long winded essays, miss the time when personal essays and blogs were more Nora Ephron (I am never not thinking about her incredible blog against egg white omelettes) and less mommy blogger filling space before a simple recipe, and I don’t know, want to support independent writing and/or me, your friend (I might also be a total stranger to you, in which case, hello!). If you were a fan of bed crumbs back when it was a tumblr blog (lol), this is literally the exact same thing. There are pieces on Paul Simon’s 1991 Concert in Central Park, anxious late night thoughts about the various ways in which the world could (will—it’s inevitable) end, the ghosts of New York City (a perennial fave), and, uh, a throwaway sight gag in High Anxiety. It’s whatever, folks. A wild fucking grab bag.

You can read the whole archive on this site, or, while you’re here, read all my real legit clips on my real legit site. If you subscribe, I’ll show up in your inbox kind of like this. Who wouldn’t want that?

why a newsletter?

Look, I’m just another millennial in media watching the few remaining websites pivot themselves into oblivion, already practically working for free so why not work for free, but for myself? And then inject that free work straight into your veins / the internet void?

i see that you have a paying subscriber option. what the fuck, carrie? you want me to give you money for this?

I have no illusions about actually making any money (neither, uh, do Substack’s founders, lol) from this but also I’m not stupid and putting myself in the position to not make money. Everyone and their mother has a substack these days, and those subscription fees add up! And this is sporadic enough that, for now at least, it’s pretty much entirely free. The subscriber option is more like a tip jar, if you will, that goes towards, I don’t know, a self-medicating bottle of wine every now and then.

If you made it this far, I don’t know what else to tell you. The world is going to be a charred apocalyptic hellscape in like ~12 years so really what does it matter!!!!!! Stream Margaret (2011) before it all ends!

okay thanks sorry love u bye