back at it* again at krispy kreme**

thoughts you have about beauty and aging in the locker room of an UWS gym

thoughts you have on trains

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BED CRUMBS | august is the sunday of months

BED CRUMBS | shouts to any adult who still gets back-to-school anxiety

BED CRUMBS | *extreme rob thomas voice* man it's a hot one

BED CRUMBS | jenny lewis is working towards the happy place

BED CRUMBS | no one spoil big little lies for me yet

BED CRUMBS | alexa play all my friends by lcd soundsystem

BED CRUMBS | this version of "wild heart" by stevie nicks absolutely slaps

BED CRUMBS | shoutout to my saturn return

BED CRUMBS | elaine may's headshot is literally just an iphone selfie

BED CRUMBS | oh no i'm being vulnerable on the internet again

BED CRUMBS | Literally what was this week

BED CRUMBS | It's good company like that

BED CRUMBS | All the young dudes are getting older, too

BED CRUMBS | "When a man tells the truth, it's the truth"

BED CRUMBS | Oh, hey, it's the first email


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